1. I absolutely love this! When I was working in New York and riding the subway, a young man approached me, asking me what my shirt meant. I shared your story and he said “Thank you for that. I am going to carry that with me.”

    1. That absolutely melts me. Thank you for sharing that with me. That’s what this is ALL about. <3 Thanks for being apart of the movement.

  2. I cannot wait till your store opens. I definitely will buy a shirt for a good cause and to help you and your family out

  3. Oh my goodness, Becky, you are a born author! When you have this new pursuit up and running, there is another opportunity awaiting you!! I would read your book In the meantime, I will be ordering….best of luck!!

  4. Absolutely love your story Becky. You are a true writer just as Daryn was a true motivator. Daryn’s story helped guide me through some of the toughest hours as Mom began her journey.

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